Centre for Chronic Diseases and Pain


Welcome to Siddha Ayurveda & Acupuncture Clinic, Gurgaon 

EZHIL SIDDHA AYURVEDA ACU CLINIC is an authentic clinic for Traditional Indian Medicine and Medical Acupuncture in Gurgaon / Delhi regions. Our commitment is to provide a quality medical service at a reasonable cost. The clinic is operational with an experienced physician, Dr. V. Ezhilmathi BSMS, DHSc  qualified from Government Siddha Medical College (MGR Medical University), and Annamalai University Tamil Nadu. She is a trained medical acupuncturist from Institute of Natural Medicine and Acupuncture, New Delhi.  

The Special Features of the Clinic Include: 

1)      Individualized treatment protocol for different dhosic constitutions. The protocol includes herbal medicines, lifestyle & dietary recommendations, detoxification regimens, yoga postures, meditation and more.

2)      Integration of medical acupuncture and Siddha herbal medicine to improve the healing process. Manual acupuncture, moxa, electro acupuncture, or vacuum cups in critical pain managements and all neurological problems.  

3)      Unique traditional methods of diagnosis validated by modern lab tests

4)      Expertise in healing all chronic ailments such as disgestive disorders, sinusitis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, renal stones, skin diseases, anxiety, depression, stress, pain, neurological & gynecological diseases etc.,

5)      Recommending only GMP-certified, branded, herbal medicines in a modern dosage forms such as tablets / capsules convenient for patients 

The Original Siddha Ayurveda System (AYUSH) - A Multidisciplinary and Integrated Approach: 

1) "Siddh" means spiritual perfection and "Ayur" is known as Life. Life is evolutionary. As the science of life, Siddha / Ayurveda is an evolutionary system that perpetually renews itself as each generation interprets and applies its profound principles. Human beings are multidimensional. We live simultaneously on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Accordingly, Siddha Ayurveda defines the health as “physical, mental and spiritual well being”. This means that an ideal clinician should design a healing strategy to treat body, mind and soul as well. With the same objective, Siddha Ayurveda integrates yoga therapy for healing, and the yogi uses the principle of Ayurveda to augment his yoga practice. Thus the art of yoga becomes part of Siddha Ayurveda system. 

2) Although Acupuncture is well developped in China, it is also part of Siddha Ayurveda system as mentioned in Suchi Veda (Needle Science), a 5000-year old Indian literature. Re-integration of the acupuncture system with herbal medicines and therapeutic yoga provides a  revolution in restoring the health of body, mind, and spirit. No medicine is complete in itself. Modern medicine verges on the miracles for medical emergencies with critical cares, but offers less help for chronic ailments. Similarly Siddha Ayurveda medicine offers comprehensive strategies for prevention and treatment of chronic illness but its expertise is not appreciable in critical/acute care. We integrate ancient wisdom with the modern medical approach so that the combined strengths of each will provide the best possible care. Few such examples are integration of modern clinical testing with traditional diagnosis; and augmenting Siddha Ayurveda system using Acupuncture  

Wish You A Very Long Life with Good Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health